(HTM) boomlinde@soundcloud
       Some of my music is posted here every now and then. Lots of tracker
       music and uncompromising techno and acid.
       Some of the software projects I work more regularly on.
       I have a lot of old hacks hosted here. This is where software comes to
       be forgotten.
       Friends & affiliates:
 (HTM) aanaaanaaanaaana
       Mysterious and anonymous peddlers of good/weird multimedia and software.
 (HTM) DevSound
       Music technology blog and netlabel.
 (HTM) BotB
       Battle it out with weird people like you from all over the world in one
       hour competitions and regular seasonal and exotically themed battles.
 (DIR) Floodgap gopher portal
       Lots of links to gopher sites and some scary gopher advocacy.
 (DIR) Bongusta
       Gopher blog directory.