goodbye9hello10 Thread

To be honest, the thing that freaks me out isn't well known at all. In fact, there is absolutely no information on it. I live in a small town in Alberta, Canada and out in the rural farmland area there's this one house that you have to take about a kilometer long road to get to. The road is completely encased by wheat and trees and such and when you finally get to the house it's completely abandoned. Apparently around ten years ago the people who lived there just left and absolutely nobody knows what happened to them. They left all their furniture, all their clothes still in the drawers, they left their vehicles, and even all the food. Since that it's been destroyed by the weather and random people vandalizing but the weird thing is that on their car that is still in the driveway, there is about 25 bullet holes in the side of the car. Big holes, not buckshot pellets or even a pistol or .22. Like, automatic weapon holes. It's pretty creepy.