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In my friend's neighborhood there is this house that creeps the hell out of everyone. First of all, it has no windows or doors and is painted black. The only way we can see to get out is an escape hatch on the roof. Then there is a giant concrete wall randomly built in the yard on the east side for no apparent reason. There are all kinds of stories about seeing creepy people come out of that house, but the truth is no one really knows who lives there, not even the neighbors. Once me and my friend walked up really close to the house and heard a strange high-pitched droning coming from inside the house. Like, high-pitched to the point it was giving us a headache. I would pay serious money to know what is going on in that house, it was like all we ever thought about when we were kids.

Edit: OK everybody, I took some pictures. Also I noticed more weird things that weren't there before/ I didn't notice before. Hopefully I'm doing this right cause I've never uploaded an image here before. Here is the house from the front:[IMG][/IMG] from the side: [IMG][/IMG] and there is a random calligraphy-type symbol painted on the corner of the house: [IMG][/IMG], [IMG][/IMG] and there is no street address indicated anywhere on the house, but in a couple places it has the letters 'VM' written on it. Oh and this is in Minneapolis btw. I've never heard of transformer houses, does the city keep public records of where they all are?