Thingsandalsostuff Thread

In Middle school, A friend and I were playing around with some pretty high grade walkie-talkies his dad had brought home. You know, just calling out to each other down the street, having fun like kids do. All of a sudden, we decided to play around with the channel frequency. After awhile we started hearing what we thought was helicopter chatter. Things about landing zones and what time to pick up certain things from "the helipad", along with the low sound of chopper blades. "Neat!" we thought. We kept listening. All of a sudden we heard "Sir, I believe we have a security breach on this channel. We're tracking it now." We looked at each other. "Yeah right, this is some kind of prank, how could they know?" All of a sudden, we heard a helicopter off in the distance, it being just barely visible. It looked almost like a news helicopter, except it was painted flat white. The chatter started again, and they said a bunch of things I can't really remember about the helicopter coordinating with people on the ground. All of a sudden, we saw three black unmarked vans roll by. SUVs, the kind with tinted windows. (Think Umbrella) They went down the block and right by us. "Holy shit. Was that because of us..?" So we went out on to the road. All of a sudden a voice came out of the radio: "Meatball one, meatball one, stay off the pasta." We were confused. This happened the second we stepped on the road. We assumed our signal was "meatball" and the road was "pasta." We tested it about four more times, stepping off, then back. EVERY time we hit the road, the same message came crackling through about a second later. Needless to say, as kids we were scared shitless and had no idea what to do. We knew we didn't want to end up in those black cars though. So we shut off the radios and threw them off in to the brush in the distance. (In hindsight, it was only a few meters from us. That was pretty dumb.) We ran home and hid. Nothing else happened the rest of the day.

I don't live near an army base of any kind.