Tomimi Thread

I don't know if this is cool for you guys or not, but its creepy for me.

There are times that when I dream, it happens in real life. I get like 5-10 de ja vu's per month, but that's not the creepy part. I've been writing a dream journal every since I got interested with "lucid dreaming" since 2009. There are several occasions that things happen in real life that was in my dream journal "EXACTLY THE WAY IT WAS PORTRAYED".

Last Sunday was my recent one. We went in a Karaoke bar with some of my new friends "New" means I just met them at that day. In my dream, I remember we went inside the room, played some songs and we had to move out of the room because something was wrong, but I didn't actually know why we had to go out, and I woke up wondering "who are these guys?" Well, it happened in real life - exact number of people, same room, same song being played and we also have to move out of the room because the karaoke machine won't register the microphone. I checked my dream journal just to be sure its legit, and it was - which is my first ever evidence that my dream came true.

I'm not saying that I'm supernatural and shit like that but I'm afraid that I would have a dream that would turn out to be a nightmare and chances are it might happen in real life. I have no control over this, and it happens every once in a month or two. So far, no lotto numbers showed.

tl:dr - I dream shit, happens in real life