ir_junkie Thread

I have no clue if this will be interesting to anyone, nor do I expect a soul to believe it.

In the summer of '06, the Canadian family of a good friend left their house to spend a week's vacation in their permanent residence in Canada. Their son, my friend, wanted to spend his last summer of high school in America so he house-sat.

I slept over at his house one night. It was a large house in a partly forested township in Illinois. The house was built on the slope a small hill, where the basement had a door to the backyard. So my friend and I spent the night doing bro things -- eating food, playing Smash Bros. Melee, etc... At 3 AM we locked the doors and turned off the lights and went to bed, each in a respective couch in his basement.

After a few minutes of trying to sleep I heard the heavy oak front door (on the first floor) slowly creak open. Then, after a brief silence, it slammed shut. The massive door rattled windows. My ears pricked. Then the door slowly creaked open again. Pause. Slam!

Quickly after I hear a window from upstairs slam shut. Another door from upstairs, one of the light wooden doors, creaked open and slammed shut. Then another window. And more windows. And more doors. The floor above us began to chorus with doors and windows opening and slamming. My friend sat up in the couch. I was too nervous to do anything.

After a minute I heard footsteps upstairs. I briefly considered fleeing out the back door but was too afraid. The steps were like anyone else's: a normal walking pace and "weighty" sound to them. I could hear multiple sets. I begin to consider that my friends were playing a prank or that burglars had a stupid plan to scare us out of the house before robbing it. For some reason neither of us budge.

In rooms in the basement, I could hear (but not see) doors and windows opening and shutting. Any visible doors stayed shut. "What do you think that is?" I whispered. He said he didn't know.

Between all the doors, windows, and footsteps that we heard, a particularly distinct set of steps began directly above our heads. Following the steps with my ears, I heard them walk slowly to the door to the basement. The basement door slowly opened. The steps began going down the stairs. I could hear them approaching but the darkness hid the mysterious stranger.

step step step

Eventually they reached the last step. I squinted ahead but still saw nothing. I was terrified. The steps approached us and I saw... nothing. There was no body. But I could locate the steps perfectly next to us in the couches. Just a few feet away from my friend, the invisible man turned and walked to the basement's backyard door.

step step step

He and I watched confusedly as the door's lock slid open, the handle smoothly twist, the door creak open. The backyard motion detecting light went on. The door did not close.

Somehow my friend had the balls to walk over to the door. He peered outside (as if he would suddenly see someone after witnessing that!). He closed and locked the door. After a brief exchange we went together into the room nearest us. We opened the door and as soon as we turned on a light, the window stopped mid-movement. We went from room to room turning lights on. Each time we flicked the switch, any doors or windows would stop.

Upstairs (terrified of the footsteps we anticipated), we continued to turn on lights. Shutting windows. Locking doors. Then the third floor. The last room, his bedroom, we turned on the light and a torrent of rain began pouring through the window. Oddly enough, the rain drenched his bible as if by some cosmic joke.

We stayed up until sunrise after which we went to sleep. We never figured out what that was and I suppose I'll die never knowing the truth.

EDIT: Had to remove my friend's name I wrote without thinking.