fofx Thread

I have a couple stories to share.

My parents had just recently bought some property in the middle of nowhere about 2 hours north of Houston, TX. It's just under 100 acres and has a nice small modern house with a large barn. My father had asked me to come along for the saturday and help him clean the barn out. Hundreds of spiders the size of my palm and likely thousands of smaller ones in every corner and crevice. I seriously felt like I was on the set of Arachnaphobia, except the barn in that movie had better lighting. That's not the creepy part, but I know how redditors love spiders so I thought I'd throw that in. My dad had brought his digital camera with him to take some pictures of the property and the cows that graze there. He took some pictures around the house and put the camera in the truck only to come back later and find that it wouldn't turn on anymore. He opened the battery compartment and every single battery was gone. He's positive that he didn't run low and try to replace them earlier. Later that afternoon we decided to go for a quick drive around on the property to check out a whole lot of nothing and lots of cows. Can't take picture anymore because some asshole ghost took them. I had forgotten something in the house, my water bottle or headphones, I dont remember. So before we left I quickly got out of the truck and went back into the house to grab it. I came back and my mom asked where I went and I said that I went inside to grab something. She was a bit shocked because not more than 2 minutes before she had locked up house and she always double checks her locking by turning the knob and "shaking" the door.

Another story is when I was living in a townhouse near downtown Houston. One night I had just gotten into bed and I was just laying there fully awake looking around my dark room and occasionally shutting my eyes. All of a sudden I hear this loud noise from my bathroom. It sounded like someone just poured a bucket of ice cubes into the empty bathtub. I'm positive it was from my bathroom, my bed was not more than 10 feet from the bathroom door. I was really startled because wtf makes that kind of noise?? I worked up the courage to get out of bed and look for myself. Everything in my bathroom was in place. Nothing had fallen into the bathtub.

I don't believe in ghosts or anything like that, but those experiences seriously gave me the willies.

TL;DR My dad's batteries disappeared without a trace. Door lock unlocks it self. Phantom ice cubes fall into my bathtub.