Mattyx6427 Thread

Ok this will probably get buried but something happened to me when i was younger that i think fits perfectly here:

I was in the fourth grade, sitting in class on a monday. My teacher was teaching a lesson and just as the bell was about to ring the teacher gave us an assignment that was due on wednesday.

So i go home that day and i figure "whatever the work is due wednesday i'll do it tomorrow". So i play video games all day and then go to bed.

I wake up and go to school the next day and everything is going normal until the teacher says that it's time to hand in the homework.

Being very confused i inform the teacher that he said the work was due on wednesday and that we all still had a day to do it.

Everyone in the class including the teacher gave me a weird look and the teacher told me it was wednesday.

I have no recollection of that Tuesday, no idea what happened.

TL;DR I skipped a day of my life and have no idea what happened.