Figured_It_Out Thread

This may seem mundane but it creeps me out still. About 5-6 weeks ago I come home from work to find my dog had torn up my laptop chord (not unexpected, I went back to crating her after she chewed up some other things).

Anyway the cable is fucked on both ends, the part that disconnects and goes to the wall and the part attached that goes to the laptop. I pick up the pieces and throw it out. Pick up a universal power cable from walmart and go on with my life.

The creepy part: Three days after this happens I'm cleaning and find behind the cushion on the love seat (where the old power cable would normally be strung across) the same fucking power adapter fully intact.

Not some generic one, it's the sony Vaio cable, identical, completely intact. I've never owned another one, none of my friends do that I know of and I didn't even tell anyone about my dog chewing up the old one.

I threw it away just to see if it would magic itself back in the house but so far no.