LadyLestat0204 Thread

Not an official, well known mystery, but it still creeps me out to this day. I live in a house that is surrounded by miles of forest preserve. When I was much younger, my cousins and I would like to go out exploring in the woods. One day, we happened on this old, abandoned looking shack. It was pretty dilapidated, but I think at some point someone must have been living in it because there were tattered drapes hanging from the windows and the front door was slightly ajar. There were really old, rusted kitchen utensils in front of the shack... I remember a measuring cup and a fork and butter knife distinctly. Bizarrely, in the clearing behind the shack, there were these weird, stone monuments. The best way I can describe what they looked like is that they were similar to those fake hives that you might see at a honey farm. Except for we slowly creeped around back and saw that they were completely solid. I have no idea how this shack or these things got in the woods, because there is absolutely no way anyone would ever be able to drive a vehicle back there as there wasn't any paved path and the trees are pretty dense. It was a sunny day out, but I remember as soon as we came across the area this overwhelming, foreboding sense came over me. Even thinking about it now is terrifying me. I have no idea what's come of it... I am way too terrified to make my way back there again.... ::shudders:: I hope that somehow it's been destroyed. Suffice to say I am always on the jumpy side when it's dark out because I fear that one day a crazed person is going to come out of those woods from the shack. AHH!