Joeeezee Thread

Once I was driving to work. Suddenly, I blurted out "Fond du Lac," which I have subsequently found is a place in Wisconsin. This took me by surprise, because I am not prone to blurt out obscure place names to myself whilst driving.

That evening, I was driving home, doing 80 in the passing lane. I was passing a trailer truck, got half way up the trailer, and on the trailer right in the middle it said "Fond du Lac." Which took me so much by surprise that I hit the brake to make sure I wasn't seeing things. As I looked at the truck, something happened in lane 1, and the truck swerved hard over into my lane. BECAUSE I HAD ALREADY BRAKED I was able to avoid...narrowly...being run off the road or crushed...who knows, by the truck as it ran into my lane. Fond du Lac. True story. No witnesses.