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In 2003, both my wife and I saw what looked like blood or red kool aid on our bed sheets. My wife called me in from the other room. We both saw it, i jumped on the bed and was looking at it closely, it looked like wet ink or blood, i couldnt tell what it was from..... literally seconds later the red stuff disappeared. We both saw it so it wasnt like my brain going haywire. There is powerful shit going on in this universe that we are so blindingly unaware about.

EDIT: where we lived at the time, it was about 100 yards from a huge water tower and water treatment plant. So there were lots of large pipes with running water all around underground. I read somewhere that lots of moving water and supernatural phenomenon often occur around each other. And we had a few other weird stuff happen at this duplex.

EDIT2: we were living in south florida about a mile from the atlantic ocean during this time.

EDIT 3: oh yeah , we were also about 300 yards from a big graveyard..... :}