happybadger Thread

Deja Reve (already dreamed) all the time, hearing what people I'm talking to are about to say or are thinking at the time, and two big ones:

  1. My first American house. It was big, built in the late 19th century, and was home to something like six questionable deaths and a sacrificed cat in the dining room. Seriously, a sacrificed cat.

1a- In my bedroom, we placed a ceramic crucifix on the wall. Two minutes later, it was broken against the opposite wall and pieces were embedded in the ceiling.

1b- When you left something on a counter, you had to tape it down with duct tape. Otherwise you would come back to find that it had decided to move to one of the walk-in closets.

1c- We'd find white cat hair in the dining room all the time. We had no white cats. Once, a large red stain was on the northern wall for upwards of a day.

1d- A dresser from the basement that screamed when we burnt it.

1e- A lad, who himself was unexplainable in his gifts, took my mother aside and told her that it would be best if I moved in with my father, as somehow I was born with a much stronger electrical presence than most (Sub-story: After I lost my virginity, we blew out two or three electrical sockets by touch), and in some way I was acting like a portal and magnet for whatever or whomever was in that house.

1f- Cold spots, dropping upwards of 20c, would linger at random for minutes at a time, during which they had an EMP effect where all electronics within the area would die out. I lost a ton of Super Nintendo saves due to this.

1g- One night I woke up in one of the basement's rooms, scared to death because I had dreamed that I was swimming in a pool of blood. The next day, a painter that we had hired to redo the first two floors attempted to kill himself in the room.

1h- One night I woke up in the kitchen with the phone in my hand. I asked who was on the other end, and the 9-11 operator said to hold tight and that the fire department was on their way. Someone had torched the basement, which was far below the kitchen so you couldn't smell smoke.

1i- This one is particularly disturbing for me. I woke up on the stairs to the basement and for the next month or so had a strong affinity for the name, "Maria". Every time I said "Maria", a cold spot would appear. I used it to clear the couch whenever I wanted to watch tv.

Odd house.

2: I can't find a good link about this, but I was in Denver/Kokomo, Indiana during the 16 April, 2008 UFO sightings. A triangle in the sky was moving south, orange balls everywhere, and apparently there was a crash on the northern end of Kokomo. All functions of the Kokomo emergency responders came out to it, but were sent away with an NDA by the feds. Here's a poorly worded blog post I found on it..

3: [This is google's theme for today when I went to search for information on the Kokomo Incident.]

[This is google's theme for today when I went to search for information on the Kokomo Incident.]: http://imgur.com/btobM.png