jimmyjaysf Thread

I was living in Manhattan and unemployed and money was getting real tight. I had been taking a nap on a Saturday afternoon and had a dream in which my father and I were walking down a country road, Andy and Opie style. In my dream, my dad said something to me which was financial advice, which was very strange because my father never said anything to me while he was alive, like how to throw a ball or be a man, much less how to deal with money. I woke from the dream and was hungry. There was no food in the apartment so I go downstairs to the bodega across the street and get something to eat. As I’m walking back to my building, I see that there are a few pieces of mail dropped on the sidewalk. I pick them up very quickly and take them up to my apartment , hoping no one saw me pickup what was obviously not mine. I get back to my apartment and can tell that one of the envelopes contains a credit card. I open it up and it’s a Gold American Express Card. I read the letter inside and ascertain that some guy who lives in the city was mailing the card out to his wife who is living in East Hampton. I, begin to contemplate how easy It would be to go on a shopping spree in Manhattan with this newly found American Express card. I begin to fantasize how I can go to Barney’s and get a new suit for a job interview, and go buy a new computer and I can get groceries and I could get myself out of these financial straits I was in and Amex would eat the cost. I had never done anything like this before or ever been in trouble with the law but I was getting desperate. Then suddenly, I remembered the dream I had just a half hour ago and the advice my father gave me walking down the country road. He had said only 5 words to me in my dream; Leave the credit card alone. I cut up the card and threw it in the garbage.