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More like VERY INCREDIBLE, but worth mentioning.

My boyfriend and I were on a road trip across America. We stopped bout 30 minutes outside Salt Lake City, and drove a few miles down a side road to an abandoned train or boat station. There was a guy standing there with a camera ready to leave. We ignored him and went on.

in Northwest Nevada, we happened upon a poorly kept monument on a side road called "Thunder Mountain", which was kept on an isolated end of a small town that nobody has heard of. Just as we were leaving, we saw the guy again, this time, we spoke to him. We shared drinks, and he told us to come to a festival in his hometown of Fairfax, California.

So we go there on a whim, and in a crowd of thousands, we spot the guy again. He is trashed, gives us the key to his apartment, and tells us to enjoy.

Just to show you how much distance that this situation was covered in,-88.270352&sspn=0.00712,0.01929&ie=UTF8&z=6

The likely hood of seeing this guy 3 times, twice out of nowhere, was way too crazy.