TylerPaul Thread

I was 14. I coming home from bible study on a Wednesday night. It was dark. I saw about 7 circular red orbs about the size of quarters in the sky. They were weaving in and out among each other. They seemed to be fly relatively low and very quickly.

I also had a waking nightmare when I was about 6 which resulted in an odd occurrence. I left my room clutching my pillow. Entered the hallway and I realized the carpet had been replaced with gorilla skin. At the edge of the gorilla skin patch sat two baby gorillas. Behind them, in the living room, was a large gorilla chilling on the couch and a monkey hanging from the entry way door. The monkey swings off the handle and grabs my pillow and carries it to the opposite side of the living room. I went into my parent's room through the door to my right. I wake up my mom to see if I can sleep with them. She says yes and asked if I brought my pillow. I told her that the monkey took it. The next morning my pillow was found on the couch on the far side of the living room which I never entered.

And I never watched Gorillas In The Mist again