joebleaux Thread

I knew a man who was hired to be a security guard at an old homosexual man's house. The man's family had hired him because he owned a lot of valuable stuff and was just giving it away to random twinks he knew from the local community. Seriously, he would give a random guy an original Picasso for a blowjob. He didn't care, he was dying. He also had an autographed copy of Mein Kampf. Lots of priceless historical shit in this house. So his family hired this guy I knew to keep people out of the house and make sure no more Picassos just walked out of there. The guy was there basically all the time, and stayed there at night too. But at night he would hear strange noises and shit so he would walk around and check what it was. One night, he saw a woman in dress walk down the stairs, pull out an old revolver, and shoot herself in the head. Then he saw the same thing every few nights, always about the same time of night. The woman blows her brains out, and then vanishes as the brain matter is flying everywhere. This was just one of the stories he told me, but the others were not as shocking. I believed that he saw all this, if only from how terrified he seemed as he was telling what he saw.

Well, the old man died eventually, so his services were no longer required. But then the guy I knew died too. He had a stroke. Turns out he had a massive brain tumor, and the doctors told his girlfriend that he was probably hallucinating all the crazy shit he had been seeing.

So, people who think they are seeing crazy shit on a regular basis, you might want to get your head checked.