ablindmouse Thread

When I was a 3rd year at college I joined the local University paper. I was given my first assignment to write about new local businesses around campus. I got the number of a local council member to get a quote from. When I call, the council member is busy so I leave a message. After lunch I call the council member again, because he hasn’t returned my call. When I get a hold of him he claims to have already talked to someone with my name from the university paper. I am confused as I have not talked to him yet. I hang up and check around the office to see if anyone had called the council member to help me on my story, but no one has. I call him back an apologize tell him that there must have been some miscommunication and ask to interview him. I get some quotes from him and he gives me the number of another city official to call. I call this one and he to has already talked to an someone with my name from my school’s paper.

At this point I am convinced that the staff is playing a practical joke on me but after repeated inquires everyone is as confused as me. I call the city official back get some quotes and he says that the person who called before asked very similar questions.

At this point I am feeling I am going a bit crazy (it happens) and just play the thing off as if it was just a misunderstanding.

So yeah could have been a very elaborate practical joke, involving the city council member and other city hall staff and the staff of the paper, but the whole thing just really put me in a strange mood and various parts of it I have never been able to fully explain (the fact that the council member would have had to been in on it and the other city official and why if it was a joke someone would admit to it in the end for laughs and a few other details). This of course doesn’t mean there isn’t a logical explanation just yeah something that has always stuck out in my memory.