timbrewolf Thread

Time travel:

A friend of mine was out of his mind on a large quantity of mushrooms while in the woods and, amongst his various word salads, proclaimed that he was on the bridge and three of our good friends. It went largely unnoticed as one of many ridiculous things he said.

A month later, he and a few friends smoked some potent salvia extract on a bridge in a park near our campus, and he nearly fell over the railing when it hit him. When they picked him up he was babbling about how he was back in the woods, talking to his mushroom-tripping past-self from a month ago, comforting him about the bad trip. None of this surprised anyone until they realized that a month ago he had correctly named the three friends present with him on the bridge. Mind you, I was on acid when they returned from the bridge and explained to everyone what had happened.

But yeah, time travel. totally.