Squid_Master_Flex Thread

I don't believe in ghosts or anything like that but I've had one experience that I just can't explain.

So it was about a year ago when I had my paranormal encounter. I had just woke up with a case of morning wood that would not go away away so the only option at that point was to smack around the ol' one eyed monster. It's important to note that my Dad and I had just moved into this old, fixer upper, house and the bathroom was the only room with a door. So everything's going just swell when the unexplainable happens... I'm slapped square across the face mid jerk. What the fuck. So here I am sitting on my toilet, dick in hand, trying to process what the fuck just happened. I knew I didn't just imagine this and I'm pretty creeped out at this point. I was so overwhelming confused I did the only thing I could...I finished. So I can only assume this ghost or whatever stared into my soul as it could see my vinegar strokes and was probably just as disgusted with me as I was. And yeah... it was weird

TL;DR: Ghost caught me beating my meat and I guess it didn't like what it saw