WesleyBaxter Thread

Me and my friends were driving home from a show we all went to. This was about 7 years ago or so, in the cerritos area.

There's an elementary school there, I think on 186th(I forgot what it's called). Anyway, we drove by a local elementary school, all of us joking and laughing or whatever 16 year olds do, and my friends girlfriend looked over at the playground in the school, screamed, and refused to talk to anyone for a few hours. We all asked her what was wrong, what she saw, what happened, but nothing would make her tell us. We all thought she saw someone on the playground or a dead body or something. All we knew was that she was seriously spooked.

As back story I should add that she's sensitive to paranormal happenings. (I should also add that I don't really believe in ghosts or the like but whatever). She would have doors fly open at her old house, clothes hangers fly off the rail, cups fall over and then right themselves multiple times. Just crazy shit.

Anyway, she eventually told her boyfriend what she had seen. She said that she had briefly seen a bunch of blood covered people walking around the playground aimlessly. I immediately started blaming exhaustion, as it was around 2 am when we drove by. We looked it up later and it turns out that a plane had crashed into the school in the late 80's and a lot of people had died. que spooky music