Tport17 Thread

Wish I had seen this earlier. I'm sure I'm doomed to burial but I'll share anyway.

This occurrence didn't happen to me, but to my grandmother. It would have taken place in the 1930's. My grandmother was a young teen at the time and she lived with her mother and five siblings in an old house in the middle of the woods. The area was the Ozark Mountains in southern Missouri.

My grandmother had got into a fight with her mother. She took off into the woods all day to get away from her for a while. When it got dark she decided to come home. When she got home, the doors were locked and everyone was in bed. There was an old cot sitting outside the house and she decided to just sleep on the cot until morning.

In the morning when she woke up, there was some creature sitting at the end of the cot. It has been 15 years since I have heard this story, and she only told me once, so my memory is a little fuzzy. I remember she said it was really ugly and had a full set of sharp teeth. It was shaped like a person but didn't look like a person. She said that it just sat there and smiled at her with its abnormally large mouth of sharp teeth. When she started to get up from the cot to get away, it would start to get up and move towards her. When she would sit back down, it would sit back down. She sat there staring at it for a few seconds and it continued to sit and smile at her. The creature was sitting between her and the front door. She finally jumped up and made a run for the back door.

When she got to the back door it was locked but her mother was in the kitchen making biscuits. She was banging on the door screaming to be let in and her mother told her to go around to the front because her hands were covered in dough. My grandmother screamed she couldn't and was frantic enough that her mother ran to let her in.

She told her mother what she had seen. She had my grandmother's two brothers take the cot out to the woods and chop it up and burn it.

I have some more stories and info if anyone is interested in knowing more.