4TheWolfX Thread

I'm late to the party but I'll share anyways. When I was a teenager I was big into skateboarding and building ramps and shit. There was a neighborhood being built behind mine and I'd go over there on the weekends and get scrap wood and bring it back to my house. You had to go through a little bit of woods and cross a creek to get there. I went one day by myself and when I crossed the creek and started walking through the woods to the construction site I could here a man talking. I stood still to try to hear what he was saying. It was getting louder as if he was coming through the woods towards me and I finally heard what he was saying and he made a little jingle singing "I'm gonna get you". I couldn't hear any leaves crunching and I never saw anyone. I ran like hell and was slipping while I was trying to climb up the muddy bank in the creek. I don't believe in ghosts or anything but that's one thing that's stuck with me that I can't explain.