IfukONthe1stDATE Thread

When I was 2 years old my uncle committed a double murder and suicide. He was a meth head and had been taking money from my grandmother and finally one day she told him no more. That just happened to be the day I was at their house. He went to his room and brought out a shotgun. He shot my grandfather in his face. My grandmother ran and grabbed me. He shot her in the back. She dropped me and rolled over. He pulled out a big knife and hit her in the neck with it. He the turned his attention to me. I remember this vividly. I was crying and he picked me up. Rocked me for a minute and sat me in my swing. He thing pointed the shotgun right at my face. Then all of the sudden he just stopped. Like something was fighting with him. Like physically prevented him from blowing me into a million parts. Next thing I know the gun is in his mouth and bang. That is all I remember. My parents never told me a single thing about it and up until a year ago they didn't know I knew about it. When I told my dad he starts crying and tells me how I was just swinging in my swinger like someone was pushing me. I had forgotten about it until I was like 13 and all the sudden I remembered. It fucked with my head for a while.