nakednark Thread

Not my story, but my boyfriend (who for the sake of the story we will call Bob) shared this one with me.

When he was about 8 - 10 years old (he isn't sure of the age), he would receive calls on the house phone from some mysterious guy. The guy would call when Bob was the only one home (before his brother who was 3 years older than him would come back from school and when his parents were working). This guy would curse Bob out and tell him to "Shut up" and to "Do whatever I say." The guy told Bob that he knew where he lived, he knew where Bob's parents worked and he knew that Bob was alone. The guy told Bob that if he told anyone that he was calling Bob's home he would kill his parents or him (guess whatever was more terrifying that day). Being the young, scared kid at the time, Bob complied and would do things like take off his clothes while on the phone or dance around in the living room. Bob didn't tell me the full extent of the stranger's demands, but a part of me really doesn't want to know.

So Bob entertained this guy for some time (again didn't specify how long) until one day Bob's brother comes home and sees Bob on the phone. Bob's brother asks who it is and after getting off the phone an apprehensive Bob finally explains to his older brother the details about this mysterious caller. When Bob's older brother found out, the next day he came home early for the call and with a few friends on speaker phone told the guy to fuck off and that they would find him and with their posse make his life a living hell (Bob lived in a predominately Italian neighborhood where the mob-life was very real). After they confronted the guy on the phone, the calls stopped and they were never harassed again.

It makes me wonder if the guy on the phone was someone in the neighborhood or if it was some random guy across the country who got his thrills off these type of phone calls. Bob hasn't really gone into much more depth about the nature of these calls and everything I've stated above is all the information he has given to me. It's kind of scary because it really makes you wonder if he was just a random selection out of the phone book or if this was someone who could quite literally watch him from a window.

It gives me the heebie geebies because we are now living in the same home that he received those calls (parents want us to take care of it until they decide to sell it) and there are some pretty creepy folks around here...