I've posted a story about Building 6 in the museum I work at, but since I'm on mobile (I'll link it later) I'll share another paranormal story for you guys. When I was younger I used to have horrible night terrors. Ones where I would wake up but they would still be going on, voices would yell at me saying they were going to kill me, etc. One night I was sent to bed early because I did something stupid (I don't remember what) and then everyone went downstairs while I was supposed to be asleep. So of course I'm not going to sleep because I'm still wide awake listening to my parents downstairs talking about random stuff. Around 930-10 I start to feel really strange and feel like something is in the hallway, and it feels very innocuous. I get a sudden urge to get up and go into the hallway to see what is there. My room is setup in a way that I couldn't see the hallway from my bedroom because there was a wall that had my closet and then my door. So I got out of bed, slid along the wall to my doorway and look down the hallway to see what is out there. I will never forget what I saw. It was a lengthy, cloudy black figure with eyes that were semi-glowing red. It was crouched in a menacing manner, with very long fingers. I was frozen to the spot, locking eyes with this figure. I knew that it hated me with every ounce of its being, and started to move towards me, like an ape. As it was moving towards me, I heard my parents start to come upstairs and the figure melted into the floor, but not before letting me know that it would find me later on. I bolted back into my bed, crying a little from the shock and hatred I knew was placed on me by that figure. Fast forward to college, where I am recounting this tale to a few friends of mine, and decide to google pictures to see if anything looks familiar. It took us a long time, but eventually I came across a photo of the same figure I had encountered and nearly had a full blown panic attack. They are known as Shadow People or Shadow Men, and they can be benign or extremely harmful. I still wonder to this day when I will see it again, and if it will finish the job it meant to do nearly 10 years ago.

EDIT: Here's the story I was talking about