TeeReks Thread

I was stuck in a bathroom in a creepy house my family was staying at. I was home alone. You had to force the door into the jam to get it to close and latch, only to find out that the knob didn't work the latch. I heard the side door slam shut downstairs. I thought my dad was home.

I called to him. "Dad. Dad! I'm stuck in the bathroom!"

I heard him walking on the hardwood. Through The kitchen. Down the hall. Stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

"Dad! I'm locked in!" I yelled.

I immediately heard him run up the stairs and stop at the top.

Once more I exclaimed "I'm locked in the bathroom!"

4 more steps to the other side of the door.



The door swung open and slammed into the wall. I stepped into the hall. I looked around. Nobody was there. Nobody at all.

I politely said "Thank you!" and went straight to bed.