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Story time!

When I was young, I went to see my grandpa who happened to be caretaking for a multi-millionaire's ranch while the prior caretaker was having rotator cuff surgery.

One day he takes me into the prior caretaker's house and a few others and has me flip the breakers off (All of them.) I didn't think anything of it at the time, I figured it was maintenance if some type.

That night at about 11:30 I was sitting on the couch watching the news and he calls me out onto the porch. He points at the caretaker's house (where we turned the breakers off, btws) but there are three lights on. I grab binoculars and look through the windows. No people, no movement, nothing.

He looks over at me and says "That's the third time this week. The first time I went over with my .357 expecting someone to have broken in. But when I got to the house, the door was locked just like I'd left it. I went inside and nothing was out of order except a barstool was pulled out."

Sure enough, we went over and nothing was out of order except the barstool. So I go downstairs to check the breaker box and the second I open the breaker box, the lights go off upstairs.

I quickly wisened up and got the fuck outta there.