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Lucky for me, I haven't had too many creepy things occur in my lifetime. However, there is a pretty good one from my childhood, which I've shared before.

When I was nine, my parents split up, and my dad rented a house in a pretty isolated part of town. Surrounded by woods, couldn't see any neighbors. It was in a nice area, especially for kids. An old friend of his lived in the basement apartment. He was kind of a weird guy. Super-neckbeard, into mystic shit, and hit on my mom constantly when she and my dad were still together. Upstairs, my dad lived with Big Frank, a big teddybear-viking guy who loved me and my little brother (five, at the time), and Barney, a very religious stagehand who also liked my brother and me a lot.

For a while, when my brother and I came to visit Dad, everything was cool. We'd run around in the woods and play games and stay up late and eat junk food. Slowly, I started to feel more and more creeped out whenever we were there. I'd run to my bed after turning the lights out, because every child knows the bed is the only place you're safe. I constantly felt like something was there.

One day, my brother told me his closet door opened in the middle of the night. We didn't tell Dad, probably because he wasn't very good at listening to us back then, and we knew he wouldn't take us seriously. Instead, we told Barney. Barney said he'd felt something evil in the house, and he'd do something about it. When everyone else left the house, Barney sprinkled some holy water around, lit some candles, and said a few prayers. The house felt much less scary when we got back that evening, but it went right back to being creepy and awful by the next weekend. Until Dad moved out five years later, we just put up with it and pretended not to be scared. It's easy enough to put up with something creepy for a couple days at a time, as long as nothing actually happens.

A couple summers ago, I moved in with Dad and stepmom (he got married a year after moving out of the house) while going to school. One beautiful evening, we were sitting around playing a game and having a few beers, when my stepmom brought up that house and how filthy it was because a bunch of bachelors lived there. We all laughed and talked about the old roommates and wacky things that happened while they all lived there. Then, I said, "Bro and I were sure that place was haunted or something. He says his closet door opened in the middle of the night. I never saw anything weird, but god that place was creepy."

My dad nodded and said, "Yeah. There was some kind of evil presence there. I never told you kids this, but I was pushed down the stairs a few times while going to the basement for laundry. And there was this one time I went to the kitchen, and all our knives were stuck in the ceiling."