JimmyKillsAlot Thread

When I was a kid (4-6 range) my mother had this boyfriend.... lets call him Frank. For the most part he was an okay guy but he had some serious mental issues which we found out later.

At some point they decided to move to Albuquerque (we were in California then) and off we went. Things were okay for a bit but Frany drank more and more and was growing more and more paranoid each day. Eventually my mother found that he had bought plane tickets for himself and a child (me) out of the country. She freaked out and they got into a bit of a tiff that ended up with the cops arresting him because of attempted kidnapping.

She was told he would be in holding for about 4 days, long enough to pack up and leave, but that night the cops decided to let him out, why? because he knew how to vomit blood and they freaked out (the cops were not the brightest) and instead of taking him to the hospital they dropped him off at a fucking walgreens to "get his medication" since CLEARLY this guy was no threat. To make things worse, they didn't even bother calling her to warn her that, oh hey, the fuck who was planning on kidnapping your child is our roaming the streets.

A few hours later I am asleep in a sleeping bag next to her when I wake up to find his shadowy figure standing over me. He broke in. I scream, she jumps up. She throws (LITERALLY throws) him from the room, slams the door and screams for me to lock it, I do.... I think anyway (never really came up). They start screaming at each other, the neighbors have already called the cops at this point because, hey there was some creep sneaking around this place.

At some point during their fighting she threw him through the sliding glass door, about the same time two officers were sneaking around the house to see what the fuck was going on. She was arrested and he kept trying to tell them to let me stay with him. I was still locked in the bedroom. Eventually the cops acquiesce and she is (while still handcuffed) allowed to convince me to unlock the door. While he is screaming that I would be fine they find all the evidence of him planning on killing her and taking me to Sweden (where he was born and had dual nationality) so he could somehow keep me away from my grandparents and father.

I spent a few days in a CPS house while they sorted her information (it was a weekend which added time) and as soon as she was out we were gone.

He kept calling my grandparents house to tell her he was sorry and he would be there soon to make things better...