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I have really terrible nightmares a lot. One reoccurring nightmare is about a shadowy figure standing near my bed. It thankfully hasn't happened in a while, but it always starts out the same. In the dream I wake up from my sleep and see this shadowy blur in one corner of my room. I then actually wake up in a little bit of a panic, but eventually fall asleep. In the dream I wake up again, I'm laying in my bed and the shadowy thing is now closer and has formed into the shape of a human. I can never really make out any features, but eventually it's at the foot of my bed just standing there watching me. There's something so menacing about this thing that every time I've had this dream I've woken up shaking and screaming while struggling to turn my lights on in a confused state. In the dream I know this thing shouldn't be there and is going to hurt me, but I can never do to stop it. I recently got a puppy and now when I have nightmares he moves from his normal spot near my feet and lays next to me while resting his head on my arm and licking my face. It's helped me a lot. I know that this is probably not the type of story you were looking for but just talking about that nightmare makes me really uneasy.