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First off, apologies for any mistakes... I'm on my break on night shift and on my phone...

This is a story my gran would tell of something that happened to her when she was younger and happened some time around the mid 60s... first a little background, the city we live in has a LOT of parks, including many of those little fenced in gardens in the middle of squares, the current name is based on gaelic for 'dear green place'...

Anyway, my gran worked in a theatre and after work would get the last bus home at around midnight then walk a short distance home, past one of these fenced in communal gardens... usually the local police man (this was the days when people knew and were friendly with their local bobby) would meet her off the bus..

One night she was on the bus when some sketchy guy sat next to her and generally was being sketchy, asking her personal questions etc.. she eventually got up and stood by the bus driver, she was a regular on the bus and knew she could get some friendly chat from him to deter mr sketchy.

On getting to her stop she stepped off the bus and her regular escort, the policeman, was nowhere to be seen. To make matters worse mr sketchy jumps up a gets off the bus at the last minute. He walks off in the opposite direction from her, but keeps looking over his shoulder at her as he does so.

The bus pulls away and in the middle of the road is a huge black dog. A bit freaked out by everything she starts of for home at a fast pace.. the dog follows at a distance of about 20 feet, freaking her out even more.

She turns a corner, to the section of her journey that takes her past the fenced in garden. As she approaches the open gate the dog sprints for her.. and stops about 2 feet from where she is. It then starts growling and barking, hackles up, going mental towards the direction of the garden. This understandably is the final straw, she sprints for home and the dog stops it's barking and runs after but keeping a distance of a few feet the entire time.. its not like it can't catch her, it easily could but doesn't seem to want to. When she gets to her building it stops and just watches her go inside. She told my granda the minute she got into their flat and he looks out the window, no dog on the street, nothing.

The next day my grandparents found out that the friendly local cop had died the day before of a heart attack.. and few days later there were reports a young woman had been attacked a few streets away from my grandmother's route home on that night around 1am.

Tl/dr policeman reincarnated as devil dog saves granny from a raping