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I've told this one before but here we go.

When i was younger i was told to say a prayer in my head before i go to sleep, it was just a thing i did which i don't do anymore.

I would have been 13 or 14 around the time, when the Pope died. Though i didn't know he's name, i just knew that some Pope had died that day and that i should probably make a prayer for him.

I remember being really tired and lying in my bed, thinking "Please bless my family and my friends.. yada yada, and please take care of the Pope.." I paused at that moment realising i didn't know he's name. When i heard the words clear as day "POPE JOHN PAUL."

I sat up immediately and looked around the room, so frightened. It was an old mans voice.

Next morning when i woke up, i went downstairs and saw the newspaper on the table with the big headline "R.I.P POPE JOHN PAUL". Absolutely freaked out and told my parents.

Thinking back, i don't really believe in the supernatural, I think everything can be explained. But this, i really don't know what happened.