drewgarr Thread

I have been waiting a long time to tell this story.

My parents were night cleaners for the keg restaurant in Toronto. As sometimes, they needed extra help they brought along my uncle who would normally have just baby sat me. (I was 10 years old). He also brought over his gf, who I would mainly just hang out with while the rest of them went to work. One night, my uncles gf and I were playing cards on one of the booths and fell asleep. Well, we were woken up my uncle screaming telling us we have to go to the basement and hurry to follow him. We both wake up and start following him, but I seems to be very far ahead. When I turn the corner, I bump into my uncle and ask where the basement and what's the emergency. He responded with telling me was following my mother and father, who yelled at him from the across the room to get to the basement. Standing there puzzled, we catch up to my uncles gf who had bumped into my parents. They said that they heard mine and my uncles' gf voice from the basement and my father had gone to get the spare keys because it was locked. It seemed like something was trying to lure us into the basement.

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