Nik00las Thread

My mom is Native American. She named my sister Chula which means fox. Most likely because of her name sake but maybe not ,my sister loved everything that had to do with a fox. Last November my mom was doing dishes at the sink and looking out the window at the woods like she always does. Well she looks up from the dishes to the edge of the woods and at that moment a Fox steps out of the woods. It sits on it's hind legs and stares right at my moms face while she stares back through the window . She said it seemed like five minutes they stared at each other. Suddenly the fox got up turned around and slowly walked into the woods. my mom said her first thought was to call Chula tell her about the fox. My sister never answered she died in a head on collision that day due to some asshole drunk driver. My mom keeps looking for the fox. It has never come back