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I posted this before but it fits pretty well here

This story is a little long but well worth it. The first time I had sleep paralysis was over three years ago while attempting to lucid dream. I was panicked and it scared the shit out of me but nothing like that happened again so I let it go.

Fast forward to the last few weeks. I had a nightmare that a door was in my cellar that doesn't actually exist. I was strapped in a chair and couldn't move and this door opened and I felt something purely evil on the other side and it kept whispering my name over and over again as it came through the door. I couldn't see anything coming through but I knew it was right by my face when I finally woke up.

Two weeks ago I was taking a nap when I woke up and realized I couldn't move. The t.v. was on and my dog was rolling on the floor and I could see everything except the corner of the living room. I instantly had the feeling there was that same evil presence and it was whispering my name again and again as it got closer to me. Suddenly the evil went away and It felt like I floated out of my body and I snapped back down onto the couch and woke up.

The next night I actually saw the evil thing in my room during another sleep paralysis episode. I woke up and couldn't move and this dark figure was at the end of my bed just staring this time and I kept telling that I wasn't scared its not real when suddenly it whispered that it knew I was scared. I freaked the fuck out and held my breath until I woke up.

The next couple of days I had a few more episodes but nothing too visually horrifying just a sense of pure evil in the room and a fear so deep in my being that I can't even begin to explain it.

Last night it all came to a head. I was staying at my dads friends cabin out in the middle of nowhere. I was on the pullout couch by myself in the sitting room. In the middle of the night I woke up and he was standing at the side of my bed staring at me. Somehow he was immediately lying next to me staring me in the eyes. his face was goblin like but also very hard to picture from memory. He had a long nose. His eyes were empty. They were glossy "eyeballs" but they were pure blackness that seemed more like holes. I was absolutely losing my shit in my head and started yelling (thinking?) Your not real go away you are not real and it started telling me that it was in fact very real and that I should be terrified. I dont remember exactly how but I woke myself up and realized I was shaking and whimpering like a fucking puppy that just got kicked repeatedly. I also had tears streaming down my face even though I don't remember starting to cry during the encounter.

Edit: I posted this about two weeks ago to another thread but I like sharing it. So far only one more night terror with the same figure but it was really vague and hard to remember. Much less intense then before. Hopefully it stays that way

Edit 2: Thanks for the replies guys. The advice is appreciated, but to add to that i have experienced paralysis with the terrors sleeping in every position. As for waking myself, the only way i have successfully woken up was by holding my breath. Flexing worked once but took awhile and caused me to panic more when it wasn't working. Thanks for sharing similar experiences, although i don't wish it on everybody its always comforting to know your not alone. Misery and company, yada yada. Also is extremely interesting to me to hear how people have seen the same things as myself and others. I know there's science behind it but i like to let myself think sometimes that there's a little more to it as terrifying as that is. Happy dreams people.