monkey_sage Thread

In 2004 my Aunt's cat passed away; the cat was nearly as old as I was so we were sad but not surprised. In 2006 my parents bought a new car and made a trip to visit my Aunt (she lives in a city 8 hours away). In 2007 my Aunt was looking up her house on Google Street View. She saw her house with my parents' new car parked out front and, in the window, was her cat who passed away three years prior. She sent the link to all of us and, sure enough, there was the cat and my parents' car! Street View has since been updated so that ghostly photo is gone but, good god, seeing that sent chills down my spine.

... and I was just informed by a mod bot that all stories must be at least 750 characters long and since this story apparently isn't long enough I'm going to fill in a bunch of nonsense here as I'm not really sure how to drag out this story of my Aunt's ghost cat any longer than it is without making it overly tedious to read. I wonder if I'm at 750 characters yet. I should copy and paste this into a Word file to find out.