TheCaptainhat Thread

I work the evening shift at a hospital that is believed to be, at least by 90% of the staff, haunted. I'm part of the 90%. You see, there have been horror stories about every building, floor, and pretty much every part of the campus. I mostly wander around alone (housekeeper), and that makes it that much worse... at least when my mind is on it, usually I don't think about it.

My personal experience was back in the ultrasound wing of the Radiology clinic. By the time I get around to that area, the lights automatically dim and there isn't anything I can do about it. It's always spooky back there at night, so I usually just get done what I need to and move on. The place is kind of shaped like a J, like a long hallway that curves around. On the inner side of the curve there's a dressing room that opens up to a mammography suite, and then opens again to the top of the J (if your standing at the bottom of the J, you can see through the doors of both rooms to the top of the J). I was standing back there, tying a bag on my cart, when something moved in the corner of my eye. I looked up and through the dressing and mamo rooms to the other doorway opposite me.

Vividly, I remember it like it was today, a male figure walks past the door, right before my eyes. I literally watched it amble slowly across my field of vision. There are no male ultrasound techs here, and it was NOT my boss. It looked like it was wearing dark clothing, and had long hair, but it was definitely male. I snapped out of it and ran over to see if some freak had wandered in, but no one was there. I grabbed my stuff and ran out without finishing all the work. 'Cause screw that.

Another story, not my personal experience, comes from the second floor of the hospital. Second floor has nothing but offices and computer labs, all adjacent to one corridor that spans the entire length of the building. On one end is a set of elevators, and the other are a pair of double-doors that open into a computer lab.

This floor is infamous for being the domain of something the workers affectionately call "Matilda." The first story I heard about her was from a coworker who knew someone that worked on that floor. He came in for whatever reason, doing office stuff, and was going home late one night. He walks out of the office and starts toward the elevators when something catches his eye, so he turns toward the computer lab. At the end of the hallway there's what looks like a patient peeking into the lab. He walks towards her and asks who she is and what floor she came from. She turns around...

She has no face.

Office guy is frozen in place, scared shitless. He wants to run away, but he doesn't want to turn his attention away from whoever, or whatever, is staring him down from the other end of the hall. What does he do instead? He closes his eyes as tight as he can. After several seconds, minutes, or however long it really was, he opens them and she's gone. He says he's never ran as fast in his life as he did that night, straight outside without ever looking back.

Another "Matilda" happening was when one of the managers left a tape recorder going in his office, also on Second floor, because he wanted to see if he could catch any weird noises or voices. The next day, I'm walking by his office with a coworker and he calls us in there and plays the recording, to see if we hear it, too. After forever with nothing, a faint voice comes in and says "Turn it off." That was spooky as hell.

There are a lot more stories than that about the hospital from hell, but that's all I got time for right now. More than willing to share more later.