Ossa250 Thread

Never wrote anything confessional like this before, but here goes.

Many years ago I met up with a girl I knew from High School. I'll call her Sandy. She was more of an acquaintance back then, and we were never intimate. Even though we hung around with different groups of friends, I remember she once invited me to a party at her house, but nothing ever evolved past that. In fact, I met my high school girlfriend Andrea at that party.

It had been several years since graduation, and I met her on the street. We chatted a bit, and to make a long story short, I ended up at her place later that night. Following a glass or two of wine, we ended up having sex on a bed in the living room. Nothing extraordinary, but it was OK. After a few minutes, she got out of the bed and shuffled to the kitchen which was located at the far end of the living room. I was still in bed, but glanced over in a groggy post coitus haze. She entered the kitchen and flipped on the light.

This is where things started to get weird.

First of all, the kitchen light must have been an old ceiling fixture with those long fluorescent tubes. It kicked on with a loud groan like an old arc welder. The light that came blasting out the kitchen was a god awful wavelength of intense radiation that bleached everything in its path. While the rest of the living room was still dark, the doorway of the kitchen had this weird glow, and the noise from the fixture didn't help matters any. This brought me to my senses somewhat, but as time passed, an intuition that "something is wrong" hit me.

At first I thought I heard a hushed conversation in the kitchen. I didn't know if Sandy had a roommate, so being buck naked, I instantly grabbed my clothes. Another minute had passed, and because there were no footsteps or the usual awkward "peek around the corner," I figured she must have been on the telephone. The hushed conversation in the kitchen started growing louder and it sounded like Sandy was having a tight lipped argument with someone on the phone. This made me rather uncomfortable, so I got out of bed and stealthily started putting on my clothes.

Now roughly five minutes had passed. I was dressed. I sat on the side of the bed trying to "listen in" and figure out what was going on. My phone theory disappeared when I thought I heard two enraged voices. Problem was that they were unmistakably coming from Sandy. I started thinking about bailing for the front door. Then the kitchen meltdown took a drastic turn as I heard sounds of a cutlery drawer being slammed open. Panic set in with the unmistakable clanging sound of metal on metal. I started scanning the dark living room for a weapon, and then all grew instantly quiet. The light went out, but not without making a final groan before darkness. I followed the sound of footsteps out of the kitchen and across the living room. I froze.

While Sandy walked up to me with a smile on her face, I was looking at her hands. Even though they were empty, I was shitting bricks.

Her voice reverted back to the calm and sweet, and she asked "Do you really have to go?" I lied and told her I got dressed because she "sounded busy." I really didn't know what else to say to her. I noped it out of there as best I could under the circumstances. Never heard from her again.

A few months later I met another female classmate. Curious, I told her that I "bumped into Sandy not too long ago." She said "Oh, poor Sandy! I heard that she was released a while back." WTF, so I uttered an "Oh really?" "She was institutionalized shortly after High School... complete breakdown." I tried creating distance by saying we were only acquaintances, and "I remembered her from that party at her house."

"Oh, thaaaaat party. I'm not sure if anyone ever told you this, but she had planned that party for months in advance to try and snare you. Unfortunately, Andrea beat her to it."

2 minute later edit: Thank god for Facebook. Married in a far away state. No class reunions for me though, ever.

One day later 2nd Edit: Sandy ended up fine. Recently went back to school, and has a "professional" position. Good for her. Class reunion is still out of the question though.