Pocodudeface Thread

When I was 6 years old we lived in the center of the set of 3 very similar houses. I remember ours was Purple, the one to the left was blue and the one to the right was yellow. I recently had bought one of those big inflatable bouncy balls from Walmart, and had no-one to play with me so I played with it in the backyard by myself. After school one day I accidentally hit the ball to the yellow house side of the fence. I was going to ask my mom what to do but a kid on the other side hit it back over for me. Thinking we could play, I hit it back over and he returned it. It became a daily thing and I would just hit the ball back and forth with him until I got bored after school. The kid wouldn't respond to any questions I had so I assumed he was just shy. At one point I hit it over and he didn't return it, so I asked my mom if I could climb the fence and go get it. She Was never outside with me, so she always thought I was playing alone I guess. We only got the house because my mom was friends with the landlord and the houses were recently built. She told me that no-one had ever lived there, they were still trying to sell it. We moved not long after, but I still have no idea who was returning that ball to me.