SamTheSnowman Thread

This doesn't hold a candle to any of these, but I'll tell it anyway.

This took place about seven or eight years ago when I was in middle school.

As usual, I was up late one night. My family lived in an apartment, and I shared a room with my dad (my parents are divorced.) Sometimes I'd sleep in the living room on the sofa so that I wouldn't disturb him.

I was curled up facing the back of the sofa with the TV turned off. It's pitch black, there are no lights on. Suddenly, I hear a noise coming from the TV. I look toward it to see that the DVD player had randomly turned itself on and opened up.

I thought that maybe I'd laid down on the remote. Nope. It's on the table. I grabbed the remote, closed the DVD player, turned it off, and placed the remote back onto the coffee table.

Nothing too creepy, right? But I was a middle schooler, and even after convincing myself it was some sort of technical malfunction, I was still a little jumpy. So I curled back up, this time facing the TV, which is right next to the front door.

Not even five minutes later, the front door (which we'd forgotten to lock) started opening. It only opened enough for me to see a hand on the external doorknob. I sat up, frozen with fear. The door then closed, I waited and then ran to lock it.

It was probably a coincidence of a technical malfunction and a drunk guy opening the wrong door, but I did NOT sleep well the next few nights.