Amberizzle Thread

When I was in my late teens, I woke up in the middle of the night to see a girl sitting in my room. She had her back to my bedroom door and had her arms wrapped around her knees. She seemed really sad, and was tinged slightly blue and glowing. I sat up, and she was gone.

This happened a few more times throughout the week. I kept dismissing it as a dream. But somehow in that time, I suddenly knew her name was Sam and that she was upset about something having to do with water. She never actually spoke to me so I don't know why or how I knew that, but again, it seemed like a dream and I've had recurring ones before, so I wasn't taking too much stock in it.

Then one night, she suddenly looked up at me, like someone does when you call their name. And she smiled.

Then she was gone, and I got the impression she wouldn't be back.

Later that day, I was helping my mom wash the dishes and she got a phone call. She came back into the kitchen shaking her head and looking sad. I asked what was up and she asked if I remembered my aunt so-and-so. I have a bunch of family members, both biological and honorary, and I've not met all of them still so I said no, I had no idea who that was. She told me that her daughter had been having issues lately and had "an incident" in a bathtub about four or five days prior (I got the impression she OD'd or something). She was on life support, and the evening prior—the last time I saw the ghost girl—her family had made the decision to pull the plug.

Against my better judgment, I asked what her name was. "Sam," she said. "Samantha."

Never really could explain that one, but if ghosts are real, then it seemed like Sam enjoyed my company for a while and was happy to go when it was all over. Hopefully that was the case.