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I used to work at a movie theater (I've told this story a few times) in the booth upstairs.

I often worked late and alone, with just customers in the theaters and a manager in the downstairs office. It got dark, surrounded by noisy projectors that one by one would be shut off as the movies wrapped up.

The building was essentially split into three different upstairs areas for the machines. I was in the smaller area that also had two windows overlooking the lobby.

The last movie had wrapped up and there had been two customers left in the building, not many people. I could peer through my creep windows and make sure they'd left.

This particular night I was wrapping up the last showing and the place was darker than a tomb. Like, pitch black not an ounce of light but my flashlight. I was heading through this small area with the windows when I heard a laugh.

It was the laugh of a small girl, high pitched and almost hysterical. Imagine a horror movie laugh. My blood ran ice cold and I froze.

I managed to get to the windows, assuming it was a customer laughing like an idiot.

Nope, empty down there.

So I'm alone, in a pitch black area with a creepy laugh.

Then I heard it again.

Well fuck, I sprinted out of there like Usain Bolt on cocaine.

The manager that night was a guy who was known for playing jokes on the projectionists, he'd hide in the bathroom that was tucked down a hallway and jump out as we walked past in the darkness.

I sprinted my ass all the way to the office, busted in, and accused him of being a jackass.

He gave me the most concerned look I'd ever seen, he'd been sitting in the office the whole time working on reports for the GM.

I told him and we both got kinda nervous and went home for the night.

Never heard it again.

Shortly after this I told another manager about the experience and she told me about a security guard.

He was a cop during the day and picked up some extra cash working theater security. One night he was on his nightly check and he heard a laugh.

A high pitched, girly laugh.

He went into the girls washroom to check, the building was supposed to be empty. Stall by stall he opened the door to look for this prankster. Each door made him more pissed.

At the last door he heard the laugh again and burst in.

No one there.

That's when the girly voice said

"Not here."

He quit that night.

Weird shit goes on in movie theaters. Weird. Shit.