moirende Thread

Arrived way too late but maybe someone will see this so I'll share.

After we got married my wife and I bought our first house. It was brand new, we were the first owners. It was in a new neighbourhood. There had long been rumours that it was built over an old aboriginal burial ground a la Pet Cemetary though I never found any proof of that and always thought it was BS. Also, I'm not religious in any way and definitely do not believe in ghosts.

My wife never thought there was anything odd about the place but I did. Nothing scary, it just had a weird vibe if that makes any sense. I wasn't the only one, in the first year we ended up on two trips and each time a different friend house sat for us - and both of them said after we got back there was something weird about the place that they couldn't quite put their finger on, and neither ever agreed to house sit there again.

Anyway, around year three I was asleep in the middle of the night and woke up to a weird noise. You know the soft swish swish sound it makes when someone is trying to walk quietly on a carpet while wearing socks? It sounded like someone was walking around our bedroom. Thing was, I wasn't the only one who heard this. While my wife was still fast asleep, our two cats, both of which slept on the bed with me, also heard this.

They woke up and both of them were tracking their heads in the direction of the sound as it moved. After about twenty seconds of this one of the cats meowed at the sound. Not angry or scared, kind of a hello sort of meow. The sound stopped. The cats both sat there staring at the last spot it had come from for another twenty seconds or so, but the sound didn't come back so they both put their heads back down and went to sleep again. I stayed awake for a very long time.

Talked my wife into moving and three months later we bought a new place. Never experienced anything like that before or since.