InsertEvilLaugh Thread

Maybe not creepy but have one.

Buddy of mine lost his wife when she was serving in Iraq, she was in a convoy and it was attacked, she was killed but they got her body back and home. During the fight she fired two full magazines but the third had only two rounds in it, and one in the chamber before she was killed. So he was left alone with their three year old.

They live in a low population area and one day a rabid dog came out of some trees and charged him and his boy when they were sitting on the back porch. He grabbed his son and tried to shield him when they heard three shots fire from a rifle just a couple feet away and the dog fell dead feet from them. When he got up to see who it was, there was noone. He did find the shell casings, three 5.56 cases. He didn't own an AR or any rifles, just a shotgun.