ivannabannana Thread

Friend of mine was at a casino in Sydney with some friends. She stayed late to play some more as the others left after the party. She left about 2am and headed back to her car in the car park. She got in a turned on the ignition and realised there was an old woman sitting in the back of her car. My friend spun around and the old lady asked if she would take her to Town Hall. My friend said sure, hop in the front so you can show me the way and tore off when the lady got out of the car. THIS is where it gets freaky... Friend went to the cops and they searched her car. Under the drivers seat the found a box of surgical implements and a roll of duct tape. Apparently the cops knew the "lady". Its a man dressing as an old lady and harvesting organs for sale. They're still looking for him.

Tl;Dr: my friend nearly got her organs harvested while alive