deja_geek Thread

Before I get to the story of the with the suitcase, I have to preface it a little bit. Many years ago, when I met my ex her and her family live in a mobile home. My ex has this younger sister, who is a bit messed up (in and out of pysch wards, etc..). My ex and her younger sister shared a room in the mobile home. While we were dating, and before my son was born; she told me this story about how her younger sister would wake up, and talk to the man in the hallway. The man always had a suitcase, and wore a brimmed hat. My ex and her family always dismissed them as, well the younger sister is a bit nuts.

Flash forward a few years. My ex and I have a son together. Her parents moved out of the mobile home and into a house; and were renting the mobile home to my ex. Our son's room was the exact same room my ex and her sister slept in. One night after our son had gone to bed, and was asleep for a long while (I checked on him), we heard him get out of bed. We figured he would come out of his room and ask to use the potty. Instead he started talking to someone. He said "hi and started talking about his favorite stuffed animal (at that time it was a ducky). Curious, I called back and asked who he was talking to. He pops his head out of his room, and informs me he's talking to the man with a suitcase and is wearing a hat. At the time he was about 2 1/2, and never heard about his aunt seeing the same guy.