NelehStar Thread

I work in a call center. About two weeks ago I got a man on the phone looking for an address related to the business. The first thing he tells me is that he was born blind, something that went wrong during his birth, but that he was psychic. I proceeded to roll my eyes, and went on with the call. We chatted a bit, and he talked a bit more about some random things, and then he said, "I'm a Gemini. Are you a Gemini?" Indulging him, I said, "Nope, I'm a Libra", which is true. Then he said, "Oh silly me, of course. Your birthday is the 10th of October. That's on a Friday this year you know. "

The 10th of October is indeed my birthday. I didn't say a damn thing for about 10 seconds. He only knew my first name and that I'm a Libra. This was about 2 minutes into the call. I struggled with wanting to hang up on him or ask him more questions about my future. I was pretty freaked out.