fledgling0 Thread

About five years ago, I was living in a different city with my ex. One night, we had just pulled up to our house and were sitting in the driveway, just talking before going inside. While sitting there, we both heard these footsteps pounding on the road right behind us. They seemed to come from nowhere like someone dropped from the sky and started running. They didn't start from very far away, just directly on the road behind us. I know we both heard it because we both jumped and looked in that direction. I thought someone was robbing us or hijacking our vehicle. Just as the footsteps get to the driverside of our vehicle, the sound stops and a black mass floats past the car window and into our house or around it.

I started to freak out. I had questions about that shit that just happened. My ex is looking surprised but more chill than I. I asked him to explain to me wtf just happened. He is a doctor so i was looking for him to confirm the experience, tell me I didn't imagine it. He says "Just ignore it." Then we went inside and I was freaking, looking in every corner, feeling like something was going to be lurking there. My ex went around the house, to every window, saying something in Arabic. Then he told me again to just ignore it if anything else happens. Just ignore it? How? It was so puzzling and scary.

The next day we went to a really, really shady psychic lady, well two of them; sisters. Their house was creepy, the ceilings were cracked all the way across. Their setup was questionable, they needed to meet us and then have us come back a day later and have our readings. They told us a bunch of stuff that could have easily come from an Internet search. I asked them about the black thing and they said my ex's ex-wife had put a curse on him and anyone who comes into his life. At this point, they offered to remove it and my ex said no thanks, gave them money and left.

Fast forward several years, we married, many bad things happened and we separated. At the same time we separated, my father's heart stopped suddenly while he was driving. Through fortunate circumstances, he survived, only to learn there's nothing wrong with him and no explanation for his cardiac arrest. At the same time, my very healthy brother was diagnosed with progressive MS. I was diagnosed with several conditions that are not typical for someone my age.

Last year it occurred to me, IF there's any possibility this curse thing is true, it could be harming people around me. I didn't necessarily believe it, but decided it was worth exploring. So I went to a spiritual medium my friends visit regularly. She is truly angelic. It's a weird feeling for me as I'm not that spiritual or religious at all. I told her about the black thing and how my ex's ex-wife cursed us. She stopped me right away. She said "Oh no, no. It's wasn't her who cursed you. It was him."

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