thunderbuns2 Thread

One of my mom's friends bought an old farm house about a year back. They have a three year old son. The kid had an imaginary friend named Kevin. He would play with his toys in his room and talk to Kevin. His parents didn't really think anything of it considering the age of the kid. It got weird after they started listening to their son's conversations with Kevin over the baby monitor. It seemed like something a three year old wouldn't regularly talk about. The kid was kind of goofy so they didn't think much of it. They asked the kid about Kevin. He said Kevin is nice. He is a farmer. They figured that was because this kid loved to play with toy tractors and they had just moved into a farm house. Then shit got real. There was a shelf mounted on the wall of the kid's room that was about five feet off of the floor opposite of the bed. One morning, the parents go into the kid's room to find one of the stuffed animals that was on the shelf on the kid's bed. They asked him how he got the rabbit. The kid said that Kevin got it for him. A few months pass and shit like this happens every now and again. Nothing that couldn't be reasonably explained. Since they moved in, they had found a church in the area and got involved in a bible study with a few other couples from their church. They decided that they would host the bible study one day. When they were setting everything up, they gave their address to one of the couples that had lived in town for a while. When they gave their address to the older couple, the wife looked at it and said to her husband "hey, isn't this Kevin's old place?" Apparently A man named Kevin used to live there. He ran into some financial troubles. He sold most of his land to the neighboring farm, but kept the small patch of land that the house was on. He suffered from depression and had a bit of a drinking problem and eventually hung himself in the house. Their friend from church knew Kevin as it's a small town in Iowa and everyone knows everyone. He found a picture of Kevin and gave it to my mom's friend. The picture was of Kevin and three other guys that Kevin would meet with to have coffee and shoot the shit about farming. They showed the picture to the kid, and the kid pointed at Kevin and said "hey look, it's Kevin". They moved.